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Wireless traffic is only between the wireless device and the tower antenna and are ultimately routed through a wireline network, thefixed network (backhaul) interconnect facilities, which connect switching centers to wireline networks. The costs associated with newtechnologies and interconnection networks represent a significant portion of overall operating costs for telecommunications service providers. To serve its customers in this environment, VERSACOM uses its experience in design, optimization, specialized data networking and Internet protocol engineering to construct cost-effective and reliable backhaul interconnection solutions.


Fiber-to-the Premise/Fiber-to-the-Neighborhood/General Outside Plant

As one of the leading provider of FTTP/FTTN OSP services in the nation, Versacom provides a complete range of planning, engineering, and installation services to our large carrier customers for both fiber and copper based facilities

Services we provide include:

  • OSP Engineering of underground, buried, and aerial plant for copper and fiber facilities
  • OSP planning
  • Site survey, identification and acquisition
  • Right-of-way (ROW) agreements and permitting (for both aerial and sub-surface construction)
  • ONT Installation
  • Microstation/CADD, OptiLite, BSTCAD, Aeries, ICGS, RAMS & CPMS data access and entry
  • Joint Use coordination
  • Project Management

    Throughout the years our staff have provided a variety of services to our very satisfied customers
  • Organizational Re-engineering for telecom operations
  • Drafting
  • Network Design & Planning
  • Extensive corporate experience in OSP Planning & Engineering, ISP, CO Transport & Access Equipment
  • Over 300 FTTx/VRAD/BAU projects completed successfully.

We have achieved our lead vendor status through our having:

  • Ground floor experience which result in economic efficiencies
  • Proven FTTx processes in place
  • Established teams in-place with proven track records
  • Experience in predicting and overcoming potential obstacles
  • An in-place supply chain
  • Complete and accurate project tracking and reporting
  • Rapid project and new office ramp up – scale and scope are not an issue

Additional Engineering Services

Versacom is a leading provider of:

  • ISP (CO) engineering services and staffing
  • Switching networks
  • Data networking
  • ATM/frame relay
  • Access and transport networks
  • ISP and OSP equipment installation and de-installation for Wireline and Wireless networks
  • Network Commissioning, Test & Acceptance
  • Circuit Provisioning
  • Network Optimization
  • Custom software development for the telecommunications industry